Ratings Afrika is a ratings agency that specialises in ratings and similar opinions gauging the soundness of governance in:

State-owned enterprises
Central governments
The agency assigns its ratings and scorings solely upon request in the form of a mandate.

An extremely high level of appropriate practical experience is required to be able to assign ratings. A typical analytical team of five members is expected to have combined experience of between 110 and 150 years.

Governance opinions gauge the soundness of the governance. These are not pass/fail tests or questionnaire results. The opinions are useful in differentiating between organisations.
All relationships are based on the utmost trust between the parties, and Ratings Afrika will not issue a rating unless it has had unfettered access to appropriate confidential information.

Full detail is available to registered site visitors upon specific request.

Ratings Afrika acquired the governance ratings business of CA-Ratings during 2007, when the credit ratings business of that firm was sold to Moody's Investors Service South Africa (Pty) Ltd. This firm commands experience of over 30 years in issuing this kind of opinion.