Ratings Afrika has views on many aspects of corporate, municipal, provincial, central nation state government and global governance that lie in the public domain. We have held back on making these views public freely, but may well change our position during 2010 or 2011. The documents hereunder are provided for perusal because they have been submitted in public forum before, and we regard it as proper that we provide the opportunity for comment by users of this website.




Standard Bank: ACG Update re D Cooper Bonus Ratings Afrika viewpoint on the bonus of R7,5 million proposed to be paid to Mr Derek Cooper, the chairman of the Standard Bank board. 2010-04-23
SARB Amendment Bill: Open letter to Mr Herbert Mkhize of NEDLAC The open letter Ratings Afrika sent to Mr Mkhize, the executive head of NEDLAC, after his participation in the Standing Committee on Finance meeting on 3 June 2010. 2010-06-07
SARB Amendment Bill: Submission 23 August 2010 The document Ratings Afrika submitted to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Finance on 23 August 2010, outlining its concerns about the Bill. The Bill has since become an Act, fundamentally unchanged. 2010-08-23